Setting up ADSL

  Double click .

Double click .

Double click .

There should be an Ethernet card and TCP/IP.

Double click TCP/IP to get the properties.

IP Address

Your IP address is ________________________

Your Subnet Mask is


Set the gateway to and click Add.

WINS Configuration

Set it to Disable WINS Resolution.

DNS Configuration

Set to Enable DNS.

The host name is adsl____.
The domain name is
On the DNS Server Search Order type and click Add. Then type and click Add again.

Click OK to save the TCP/IP properties.

Click OK to save the Network Settings.

Let the computer update and then click Yes to restart the computer.

Internet Connection type

Still in the Control Panel, double click on .

Select the Connections tab.

Set the connection method to LAN.

Click OK to save that setting.

Close the Control Panel and My Computer.

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