Setting up ADSL on Windows 2000

  Double click  

Double click 

Double click 

Double click 

Local Area Connection Status.

Click the Properties button.

Local Area Connection Properties


Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click the Properties button.

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties


Your IP address is _______________________________

Your subnet mask is ______________________________

Your default gateway is ____________________________

Set the Preferred DNS server to
Set the Alternate DNS server to

Click the Advanced button. 

Click the DNS tab.

Put a dot next to Append these DNS suffixes (in order):

Click Add underneath the DNS suffixes box.


Type in and click Add.

Type in your host name in the DNS Suffix for this connection field.  Your host name is adsl___________.

Check the configuration on the following screens to make sure they match.



Click OK.
Click OK.
Click OK.
Click Close.
After the computer updates, it may need to be restarted.  Click Yes if it asks to restart the computer.

Internet Connection type

Still in the Control Panel, double click on 

Select the Connections tab.

Set the connection method to Never dial a connection.

Click OK to save that setting.

Close the Control Panel.

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