Setting up West Central Net on iMac

  To configure your iMac for use with West Central Net, locate the Assistants folder on your hard drive.

Double click the Assistants folder.

Double click on the icon.

Click .

Click .

Click the button in the lower right corner.

Name the configuration (ie. home, work, WCN, etc.) and click .

Click .

Type 481-1111 for the phone number to connect to the Internet.

Type _____________________________ for your user name.

Type _____________________________ for your password.

NOTE: Username and password MUST be in all lowercase. Username MUST be preceded by angepin-

Select No and click .

Select No and click .

On the first line of the large box, type and hit [Enter].
On the second line of the large box, type and hit [Enter].
Click .

Type ___________________________________ for your e-mail address.

Type _______________________________ for your password.

You can leave the > symbol in the last box and click .

Type ___________________________________ for your e-mail account name.

Type for the e-mail host and click .

Type for the NNTP host and click .

Select No and click .

Click the button and your iMac is ready to get on the Internet with West Central Net.

If you have any problems or questions installing this software, please contact West Central Net's technical support. We may be contacted at (915) 234-5678 or by e-mail at

Technical Support Hours
8:00am - 9:00pm Monday-Friday
9:00am - 9:00pm Saturday
1:00pm - 9:00pm Sunday