Installation and Setup of Netscape Navigator for Macintosh

PART ONE-Installing Netscape Navigator

  Restart your Macintosh while holding down the Shift key from the time the computer makes the start-up tones, until it says "Welcome to Macintosh...Extensions Disabled." Doing this disables your system extensions and will make the WCN software installation cleaner. Also, for better installation, disable all virus detectors on your system before installation as they may cause conflicts with the installation. Refer to your virus software manual for instructions on how to do this.

  Insert Disk 1 into the disk drive and wait until it opens a window.   Double click on the install icon.

  Click on continue.

  Click on install.

  Click on continue.

  Insert Disks 2-5 as requested. After Disk 5 is complete, insert Disk 1 again.

  Click on restart.

  Wait while the computer restarts.

PART TWO-Netscape Account Setup

  Click on next.

  Click on next.

  Click on next.

  Type in your name and organization. The organization is not required and may not be applicable.

  Click on next.

  Enter your account name and password

Account Name:________________________________________

  Click on next.

  Enter your E-mail login and Password.

E-mail Login:________________________________________

  Click on next.

  Click on next to have the computer detect your modem.

  Click on next.

  Enter your phone number, then click next.

  Enter any extra settings for your phone to dial out.
NOTE: In order to disable call waiting, you must first contact the phone company to have this option turned on. They wil then give you the disable code to enter.

  Click on next.

  Click on connect later.

  Click on done.

  Your are now ready to go! Just double-click on the Netscape icon on your desktop to get onto the Internet.

If you have any question or problems installing this software.

Please contact West Central Net's technical support. We may be contacted at (915) 234-5678 or by email at

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