Back button: Click this button to back up to the last page. If you click and hold this button, you get a menu of the last 15 pages you visited, if you would prefer to jump further back.

Forward button: If you have previously clicked the Back button, you can click this one to move forward to the pages you have backed out of. Like the Back button, if you click and hold this button, you get a menu of the last 15 pages that you backed out of, so you can jump further ahead.

Reload button: Click this button to reload the page that you are currently viewing. This button is used most commonly to check for updates to a site or load portions of a page that didn't come in the first time.

Home button: Click this button to move back to your start page, from anywhere on the internet.

Search button: Click this button to use the Netscape Search pages. This function is duplicated in the Search the Web box on the West Central Net page.

My Netscape button: Click this button for a customizable Netscape screen. You can choose updates on Stocks, Sports, News and Weather for your interests. There is also a search engine built into the page.

Print button: Click this button to print the page that you are viewing. Make sure that your printer is ready to print.

Security button: Click this button to see the security information about a site. If you are sending your credit card or other important information over the internet, the site should be marked as Secure. This is also displayed by the lock in the lower left corner ( is unsecure, is secure ).

Stop button: Click this button to stop a page from loading or to stop animated graphics from moving.

Bookmarks menu: Click this button to add, view or edit your bookmarks. These are shortcuts to sites that you visit often or would like to find again at a later date. Edit gives you the option to move, rename, or delete the bookmarks.

Location bar: This bar contains the Universal Resource Locator (URL) of the site that is currently loaded. If you have a URL of a site you would like to visit, simply type it on this line, then hit [ENTER] to go to that page. NOTE: URL's are case sensitive.

Search Engine: A search engine combs the internet to find information for you. This is convenient if you don't have the exact URL of a site, or are looking for more information on a certain topic. Each engine has different type abilities and preferences, so different engines will bring in different sites, even with the same keywords entered. WCN has 13 of the most common search engines available on our site.

Keyword field: This is where you type in the main words that you would like the Search Engine to find. It is not case sensitive. Try to be as specific as possible, without using too many keywords. Once you have selected your engine at and entered your keywords, hit [ENTER] or click Search. For more information on how to use a Search Engine, go to

Links: As you move through different sites on the internet, you will come across several links (usually an underlined section of text). A link is most easily recognized by the change in your mouse pointer. It will change from when it is on normal text, to when it is over a linked section of text or graphic. Click one time when you have to follow the link to the next page or site. (Test the graphic list on the left of the WCN page to see a linked graphic.)

Navigator icon: Click here to open a Navigator window, if you don't already have one open, or to move back to the first open Navigator screen.

Messenger icon: Click here to open the Netscape mailbox. Be careful to only click once, or it will try to open your mail twice, which locks you out for 15 minutes. See the next section for more information on Netscape Messenger.

Discussion Groups icon: Click here to open a windows for the News Groups messages. Usenet News is the equivalent of a discussion group or "bulletin board system" (BBS). With Usenet News you can keep track of the latest gossip about your favorite TV sitcom, discuss your sports heros with other fans or find out what printer you should buy for your home PC. Newsgroups cover every imaginable topic (and some you can't imagine) -- some will help you with your work and others are simply for entertainment. For more information on News Groups, go to

Address Book icon: Click here to open your Personal Address Book. You can add a new address card, a new list of addresses, edit the current information, or even start a new message. For more information on using the Address Book, go to Using the Address Book.

Composer icon: Click here to open Netscape's website builder. This let's you simply build a webpage to be put up onto the internet. For more information on using the Page Composer, go to Using Netscape Page Composer.