Get Msg button: Click this button to receive your new messages. Note: This button is clicked automatically when you click the Messenger icon in the lower right corner. Clicking it again will lock your mailbox for 15 minutes.

New Msg button: Click this button to start a new message. Check the next section to get more information on writing a new e-mail message.

Reply button: Click here to respond to the last message you were reading. It will automatically address the message to the person that sent you the one you were reading. It will also print the previous message down in the body for you to edit or respond to as you wish.

Forward button: Click this button to send a message you received to another person. Netscape sends the message as an attachment, so it will not show in the message body. You can type anything you want into the message body, just like a normal message. You also have to specify the address you are sending to.

File button: Click this button to file the message you are viewing into one of the folders you have available. When you click on it, you will see a drop down menu of the folders you have available.

Next button: Click and hold this button to get choices on moving to the next message, next unread message, etc.

Print button: Click this button to print the message currently being viewed. Make sure that your printer is ready.

Security button: Click this button to find the security information on the message that you are currently viewing. Most messages will show as Unencrypted.

Delete button: Click this button to delete the message currently being viewed. From any folder except Trash, this will move the message into the Trash folder. If you are already in the Trash folder, the message will be deleted completely.

Folder selection: This box tells you which folder you are currently in. Click on the pulldown menu to select a different folder.

Typical folders

Inbox - Holds all incoming messages until moved or deleted
Unsent Messages - Holds all messages that have not been sent. Netscape will ask to send these messages each time you send until they have been successfully sent.
Drafts - Holds all saved messages. Normally used for a message you started typing, but didn't get to finish/send.
Sent - Holds all messages you have mailed out.
Trash - Holds all messages that were deleted from other folders. Messages deleted from Trash are gone completely. Messages can be moved back to other folders if necessary.

Selected message: To select a message you want to view, click once anywhere on that line. The line will then be shaded and the message contents are shown at .

Unselected message: Unread messages show in bold text with a green diamond beside the subject.

Message contents: This is the contents of the message that you currently have selected.