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  Welcome to West Central Net's home on the Web. We're happy to have you join our growing family of subscribers. This Internet Primer was created with you, the new user, in mind. It provides links to general Internet guides, tool specific documentation and other helpful Internet resources.

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Internet Guides and Tutorials

The Internet is a global communications network, comprised of millions of people using computers in every industrialized nation in the world. Founded in 1969 by the US Department of Defense (DOD) Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), the Internet is changing dramatically and growing at an ever-increasing pace.

It almost impossible to estimate the number of Internet users worldwide. For a collection of humorous and serious statistics about the Internet see Win Treese's, Internet Index.

The Internet's graphical interface, the World Wide Web (WWW), has received so much attention that many new users think the WWW is the Internet. The Internet actually includes other valuable resources such as telnet, e-mail and Usenet News.

The Internet Guides and Tutorials listed below give general introductions to the Internet.

  • SquareOne Technology
    The SquareOne Technology Web site was created to provide you with Internet/World Wide Web education and resources in a fun and entertaining manner.

  • The InterNIC's 15 Minute Series
    What!...You don't have time to read a 1000 page manual to learn about the Internet? You're in luck -- the InterNIC has provided some brief lessons that you should be able to get through in 15 minutes or less .

  • Patrick Crispin's Internet Roadmap
    An online course about the Internet broken into easy lessons.

  • Designing For The Web
    A basic guide to simplifying the complexity of good Web design.

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Electronic Mail (e-mail for short) may not be flashy, but most Internet old-time rs know that e-mail is the most useful tool of this global network. Anyone, anywhere, with an Internet address can communicate with other Internet or online service users.

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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is an Internet tool which allows you to download popular freeware and shareware software packages, computer games, large data files, and more. FTP also lets you upload files from your computer to an Internet server. FTP is popular because itís fast and efficient.

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Usenet News

Usenet News is the equivalent of a discussion group or "bulletin board system" (BBS). With Usenet News you can keep track of the latest gossip about your favorite TV sitcom, discuss your sports heros with other fans or find out what printer you should buy for your home PC. Newsgroups cover every imaginable topic (and some you can't imagine) -- some will help you with your work and others are simply for entertainment.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Think of IRC as an electronic cocktail party, where people gather into groups and talk about whatever interests them. To participate in IRC, you'll need to attach to an IRC server (Micron doesn't have a dedicated IRC server, but you can connect to one from the server list below) and you'll need an IRC client.

  • The Official Undernet Server List
    The comprehensive list of IRC servers around the world!

  • IRC & MUDs
    All kinds of things that are more fun than they sound.

  • Undernet IRC
    Undernet is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It was set up as an alternative to EFnet IRC.

  • Internet Relay Chat Help
    The most complete Internet Relay Chat (IRC) help site: Over 800 helpful files including FAQs, primers, guides, downloadable clients & scripts, server lists, etc.

  • Mirabilis ICQ
    ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. With ICQ, you can chat, send messages, files and URL's, play games, or just hang out with your fellow 'Netters' while still surfing the Net.

  • Configuring mIRC for Internet Relay Chat
    How to download, install, configure, and use a 32 bit, Windows 95 Internet Relay Chat program.

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Internet Software

The Internet is a goldmine of software that you can download to your computer. Much of this software is "shareware," which means that you download it, try it out and if you decide to keep it, pay a small fee to the software author.

  • The Virtual Software Library
    The most powerful tool for searching for shareware and freeware on the Internet.

  • The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software!
    Add-on applications for Windows users.

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    Other Internet Resources

    • Telnet
      Telnet is a terminal emulation protocol that allows you to log into other computer systems on the Internet. Windows 95 has built-in Telnet software, but Windows 3.1 does not. If you need Telnet software, you can download CRT from

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