Common Problems/Solutions with Windows 95
When you double click on Netscape, No DNS Entry message 
comes up. 
Verify that you are dialed in. 
  • Click on OK to the error message. 
  • Minimize Netscape by clicking on the _ button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 
  • Double click on Dial WCN icon
  • Insure that your username and password are typed in, then click on connect
  • When the screen shows that you are connected, click on the Netscape button beside Start. 
The modem tried to dial in, but you received Invalid password error
Check the username and password to insure they are typed in correctly. The username MUST start with angepin-. It does NOT contain 
When you click on connect, computer says no dial tone 
  • If you have voice messaging or Personal Secretary on your phone, make sure that you don't have any messages. The altered dial tone causes the problem. 
  • Make sure that the phone line coming from the wall to the computer is plugged in to the port that says LINE. The PHONE port is an outlet for a regular phone, to use when you are not on-line. Plug a phone in to that port and see if there is a dial tone. If not, there is a possible hardware problem with your modem. 
  • If you are using a surge suppressor for your phone line, make sure that the lines are connected correctly there. Also make sure that the surge suppressor has not died, by running directly from the wall to the computer. 
  • Plug a regular phone directly into the wall jack the computer is using. If there is no dial tone, there is a problem with the wall jack itself. 
When you click on connect the computer says line is busy
  • Click on OK on the error message. Make sure that the phone number to be dialed is 481-1111 or 481-1112. It is not necessary to have a dash. 
  • Click on dial properties. Your screen should be similar to this. dial properties screen To view the full size image, right click on it and select View Image.
  • If you are trying to disable Call Waiting, contact your phone company. Unless they activate the disable function, you will get a busy signal when you try to use it. Once you have the disable code, check the box for Call Waiting and enter the code supplied by the phone company. Click on OK for it to take effect.
When you click on connect, the computer responds modem in use .
This one is most common on Compaq and Packard Bell computers. These computers come preloaded with Communications software that automatically loads when you start the computer. Try to locate the program and close it, typically they are called Call Center, Operator, or FaxWorks. For more information on closing these programs, it is recommended that you contact the computer vendor or manufacturer.
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