West Central Net is pleased to be able to offer server side filtering for unsolicited commercial email (spam).
How is a message determined to be spam?
The software scans the entire message, looking for typical traits of spam. Also, the message is compared to several world-wide databases for reported spam and spam sources. The message is scored, based on the traits matched against the default rules of the software. If the score is above the limit you set, it is deleted from the server. The higher setting you have, the less likely it will identify spam. A lower number naturally will catch more spam, but too low can block your personal email.
Some good email is being flagged as spam!
Any message marked as spam will be permanently removed from our server. You will not be able to retrieve a marked message. If the case comes where personal mail is being blocked, simply add the sender's e-mail address to a whitelist of users you never want blocked. If the address is not always the same (like from some mailing lists), you can use wildcards to allow more options. This changes the score sufficiently that the message should never be blocked. You can set up your whitelist at http://spam.wcc.net/ and logging in with your email address and password.
More information about white/blacklists can be found at http://support.wcc.net/
Can I blacklist everyone except people I want email from?
Sort of. The easiest way is to set your "Required Hits" to 0. This means that every message you receive will be flagged as spam. Now whitelist all the email addresses you want to receive mail from. These messages will not get flagged. The result are what you intended, but the approach is different. There isn't a pure option for a global blacklist.
Where do I configure my preferences and what do they do?
Log into http://spam.wcc.net/ with your email address and password. Details and examples for each option are on that site.
I really like spam. Can you stop flagging it?
Sure, either log into your spam settings, and set the "Required Hits" over 20. Almost nothing will have a score higher than 20, so it should allow all messages to be delivered.
Didn't find the answer you were looking for? You can email us at support@wcc.net or by calling (915) 234-5678