Setting up WebTV with West Central Net

  1. From your WebTV home page, select "Setup" from the sidebar.  

  2. In Setup, select "Dialing."  

  3. From this dialing options page, choose
"Use Your ISP."

If you do not have the "Use Your ISP" option, contact Customer Care at 1-800-GO-WEBTV to activate OpenISP.

  4. Read the information about OpenISP and select "Continue."  

  5. Continue reading, and select "Continue."  

  6. Continue reading, and select "Continue."  

  7. Enter your ISP account info:
  • Click the checkbox to activate OpenISP
  • Enter "West Central Net" as your Service Provider name
  • Enter "_________________________ as your Login name
  • Enter "__________________" as your Password
  • Enter "481-1111" as the Modem dial-in number
  • Enter "481-1112" as the Backup dial-in number
  • Choose "Done."

  8. WebTV hangs up and reconnects. Read the information screen and select "Use Your ISP."  

  9. Internet terminal connects to the WebTV Network. A confirmation screen will summarize your choice and provide you with the option to use your own ISP or use WebTV. Selecting "Use your ISP" will cause the WebTV Internet Terminal to redial using West Central Net.  
  10. You are now connected to WebTV using West Central Net!  

If you have any problems setting up West Central Net as your ISP or connecting through West Central Net, please contact West Central Net's technical support. We may be contacted at (915) 234-5678 or by e-mail at

Technical Support Hours
8:00am - 9:00pm Monday-Friday
9:00am - 9:00pm Saturday
1:00pm - 9:00pm Sunday

Other problems or questions with WebTV should be directed to WebTV. If you're having trouble finding answers to a specific question about WebTV®, we suggest you click onto the FAQs link, or check the Search option.
You can also phone 1-800-GOWEBTV (1-800-469-3288).

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