Work Around for putting Commas in the phone number
  Some computers/modems need extra commas after the phone number to get past the v.90 portion of the handshake. But, the Shiva Remote dialer doesn't allow you to put commas or W's (wait's) in the phone number in the Dialer Properties. You can type them in manually everytime, but here's a solution to keep it permanently.

Close any programs that are open, including Netscape and the Dialer

Double click on the File Manager (in the Main Program group)

Double click on the Netscape folder

Double click on the Dialer folder

Click once on

Click on File and select Associate

Associate the file with Text/Notepad.exe

Click on OK

Double click on

Change the phone number by putting the necessary commas after the last digit

Close Notepad and save the changes

Click on File and select Associate again

Associate the file with Dialer.exe

Click on OK

Close the File Manager and get back to the Netscape Program group

Double click the Dialer icon and it should open up with the correct phone number
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