Communicator and Windows 3.1

Dialer Settings in Windows 3.1

Shiva Dialer for Communicator

Double click on the Shiva Remote Dialer icon
Verify the username, password, and phone number
first screen
Click on the Properties button

Click on the OK button to close the Properties.
Click on the Connect button to connect to the internet.

The first time this is set up, it should ask to save the setting changes.

Click the Yes button to start the Save.

The file name by default is *.sr, so you will need to change the file name to or something similar.

Then click on OK to save the file.

It will then try to connect to the internet.

The next time you double click on the Shiva Remote Dialer icon, it may be empty.

Click on File

Click on Open File Connection

Select or whatever you named the previous file

Click on OK

Your previous settings should be available now.

Click on File

Click on Make Icon

Click on OK

Click on OK

Close the Shiva Remote Dialer by clicking on Cancel

Double click the new icon to find the correct properties

If this icon reports "Unable to run application. Run associated program and try to open it again.", you will have to continue using the Shiva Remote Dialer icon. Again, when the remote dialer is opened, click File and Open File Connection to use the stored information.

This is a bug that I've found on rare occasions. If the new icon is not associated correctly, there should be a way around that but I haven't found it yet. I'll post some screen shots and more info as I get it.
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