Setting up the Dialer for Windows NT 4.0
Double click on the My Computer icon.

Double click on the Dial up Networking icon.

It should come up with the Phonebook entry for West Central Net.


Click on More and Select Edit entry and modem properties...

It will bring you to the Basic tab.


Confirm the Phone number and the Modem type.
Click on the Configure button.

Confirm the Modem speed, then click on OK.

Select the Server tab. Ensure that PPP LCP extensions are NOT enabled. TCP/IP should be the only protocol selected. The server type should be PPP.

Click on the TCP/IP Settings button.
The settings should match as follows.
settings Click on the OK button.

Select the Security tab.

It should be set to Accept any authentication including clear text.

Click on the OK button.

Click on the Dial button.

Verify the Username and Password.

Click on the OK button to dial in.
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